Driven by purpose, inspired by imagination, and motivated to dream big. Through over a decade of experience, I've learned the power of storytelling and how it connects people with potential. I believe the best way to connect the world is through creativity. I've developed a passion for storytelling through creative digital media. I love to connect the stories of people, places, and things to the hearts and minds of many. Videos, podcasts, graphics, animation, live-broadcasts, and other digital experiences are what I work with daily.
Outside of the the creative world, I'm a born and raised Michigander who loves the outdoors. Most of my professional life is spent collaborating with people in the digital world, so I like to escape and explore nature when I can. I'm an avid marathoner who loves all things running, but especially running shoes. At home, I'm blessed with a beautiful family including my fiancé, Emma, a German Shepherd, Vincent, and a loving cat, Winona.
Thank you!
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